Born March 26, 1943 in the small town of Auburn, a farm community in southeast Nebraska, I was born while my father was serving in World War 11. He would not see me or my mother for three more years until after the war was over. .

I was the first of 3 siblings, growing up on a farm until I finished High school and moved to Falls City, NE to work. I meet my husband (Dick) there and we were married on January 23, 1966. We moved to Omaha, Ne and we have 2 sons Dave and Duane. My husband passed away on August 29, 2005, we had been married for 39 years. 

I have been a born again Christian since 1972. In 1991, God placed a call on my life that would change me forever. That call was to minister to those who were wounded in heart, soul and spirit. Little did I know that I would also be facing my own brokenness and personal demons as I grew in my own faith and relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus.

Thus began the journey of Healing Hearts Ministry. That was 20 plus years ago, and in many ways, I still feel like I am just beginning. God has birthed in my heart and spirit a new way of ministering to others that involves (in part) my own journey of healing, the experiences and stories of others in their personal walk, and the wisdom of God.

Throughout this journey I have grown and matured in the things of the Lord, learning how to minister to the broken-hearted. Since I know personally how it feels to be broken and in need of healing, I understand your pain and know there is a way out for you just as there has been a way for me. We have a God who loves us and desires for us to be free and whole. There is always hope and a way out of every circumstance.






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Nothing is impossible with our God. Luke 1:37