Table of Contents

Introduction   Identifying & Breaking Unhealthy Life Patterns

Lesson 1          Life Patterns where do they come from?

Life patterns are birthed out of what we have seen and heard modeled before us over time. Unhealthy Patterns are created and become a problem when we fail to recognize and take responsibility for those patterns that have become unhealthy.

Lesson 2          Why do we believe what we believe?

What we have come to accept as truth is a (belief). But why do we believe what we believe and how have those beliefs shaped our life today? 

Lesson 3          Recognizing Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

How do we recognize unhealthy relationship patterns and why do we stay in them?

Lesson 4          The Pattern of Addiction---How does it get started?

All habits big or little have the potential of becoming a addiction, unless we can identify what drives them.

Lesson 5          The Root cause of C0-Dependency

Co-dependency is the direct result of the lack of healthy nurturing in families.

Lesson 6          The Fear of Rejection

Rejection can be crippling and paralyzing hindering a person from becoming all that they can be in life.

Lesson 7-8      The Root Cause of Toxic Shame/part 1 & part 2

Shame is a self-conscious state that occurs from situations in a person’s life where they have experiencedembarrassment,, disgrace and/or humiliation..



  • Awaken
  • Breaking Unhealthy Life Cycles
  • Relational Communication
  • The Hiding Places of Anger
  • Overcoming Fear