We are a teaching ministry.  There is great healing power in the word of God. Helping those in need learn to apply God’s word to their lives and in overcoming traumas they have endured is the greatest part of our mission.

We offer a series of classes addressing many needs.  Our classes are offered throughout the year.  We also offer onsite presentations.  If your group or organization would benefit from one of our classes please contact us.


Our most recent class.  Awaken is a a one-year group study to help you work through problems and heart issues while growing as you find healing and freedom in Christ.   The first class will begin on January 16th.


This class is designed for the individual who wants to delve deeper at a slower pace into the world of the hurting individual.

Divided into twelve chapters that focus on identifying and addressing the effects of abusive behaviors and how the choices of others affect us long term. It also addresses spiritual and emotional issues of the heart.

I pray that as you read and study these pages, you will begin to have deeper revelation and will find wholeness, both spiritually and emotionally. I pray for each and every one who reads these pages that the Holy Spirit of God will guide you and break off the chains that bind you. The hardest part will be taking the initial step to move towards your healing.Once you make that decision in your heart, it is all uphill from there.

You will not be disappointed!  This class has been written into a book that is available in our online shop.


The Trail of Broken Pieces has been developed to help people who have lived or currently are living life through a cycle of painful and traumatic experiences.This book has three primary objectives for the reader: 1) Recognize unhealthy repetitive life cycles; 2) Understand how pain and wounds hinder us spiritually and 3) Learn how to be set free from spiritual and emotional strongholds.

Even though we all experience pain, the way it affects each person can be different.Although there may have been some healing in the past, some people may still experience feelings of emotional bondage and need further healing from those experiences. We cannot put ourselves on a specific time-table for healing to occur, nor should others push us in the healing process. Everyone will approach this in a way that is right for them and, for some, it may take a little longer to get where they want to be.

This is ideal in a small group setting and is available at for purchase in our online shop.


Life patterns both (healthy and unhealthy) are birthed out of what we have seen and heard modeled before us over time and include our thoughts, values, likes and dislikes. We take ownership of these patterns when we adopt them for ourselves and begin modeling them in our own life.


Communication—the key to relationship is a four part series designed for people who are looking to become better communicators. The series highlights four areas that we need to give attention to if we are to have/and or maintain healthy relationships with each other.

These four areas include Relational Communication, Unhealthy Relationships, Intimacy in Marriage, and Roadblocks to healthy relationships.


Anger can be triggered sometimes quite unexpectedly and for many reasons, most of which we don’t always understand nor do we always know how to address it when it happens. Many times we don’t take anger to seriously and just try and ignore it when it happens instead of dealing with the reason for the anger in the first place. It is most generally not considered a real problem until it becomes more out of control.


The topic of fear is one that we all have experienced from time to time. Most of the time fear is an emotion that comes over us when we are facing some sort of threat.  This can involve natural disasters or personal threats that can bring harm to us or to those around us.



We are currently teaching AWAKEN.  This is a a one-year group study to help you work through problems and heart issues while growing as you find healing and freedom in Christ.   The first class will begin on January 16th.