A place of confinement

A prisoner who survived 14 years in a Cuban jail told how he kept his spirits up and his hope alive. He had no window in his cell, so he imagined in his mind a beautiful scene from the mountains, with water tumbling down a ravine over rocks. it became so real to him that he would visualize it without effort every time he looked at the cell door.

We don't have to be physically in jail to identify with the feeling of "confinement", we can experience confinement within our own personal surroundings, but we can also fill trapped within the confines of our mind. 

There are 2 different types of confinement. 1. we are taken away and put in a place where we cannot get away or, 2. we can trap ourselves within our own thoughts to the point of torture. Both are very real,  the one we can't do anything about it, but the other we can. we can pray and ask God to open our eyes.  Ephesians 1:18 says, I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may the hope to which he has called you. 

If you are feeling 'confined' today, know that you are not alone. Even in the darkest of places God is there and He finds us anywhere we are and lifts us up. let us be like the prisoner who found peace and refreshment for his soul by invisioning his cell door being a door of hope, instead of it being a place of darkness. God caused it to become a river of living water. 

Be blessed and may our Lord open your eyes and lift your heart to a place of hope.

love, Dee