Lesson 3..Hidden Issues That Drive Anger

Good Morning Friends

This morning we will begin with lesson 3 on our series of "anger" called "Hidden Issues That Drive Anger". I hope you are enjoying these blogs that are more specific about the problems that we all experience in life.

There are many behind the scenes issues that drive anger to a place of being more probmatic in our day to day lives. So lets get going....

For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light.”

Mark 4:22

   What are the hidden issues behind anger?

    ◘       Unresolved issues with our parents....This is common for all of us and there are not to many of us that have not had unresolved issues of one kind or another with family members. Issues with our parents seem to be the most difficult to deal with. Hurt and pain is associated with Anger and in those places where our parents have wounded us or mistreated us in some way we tend to hide those feelings and keep them a secret.

Because the need for our parents love and acceptance is so strong, we tend to protect ourselves from losing their love by not making an issue of how they have hurt us. these unresolved issues will haunt us though if we continue to ignore them and put a wedge between us and those we love.  The steps we need to take is to bring these issues into the light and work to resolve them if at all possible.

  ◘          Personal needs, wants and desires that have gone unfulfilled and unmet over time...We all have needs and begin to express those needs from the moment we are born. Those needs include; attention, love, nurture and security to name a few. If those needs were not met in the way God would have intended, there is an emptiness that is created as a result and over time we seek other ways to get those needs met in an attempt to fill that empty void in our heart.

The drive to get these unmet needs met can lead us down dangerous paths to bad relationships and addictions of all kinds. These are only temporary fixes that don't last, but God has the answer and he will fill us up with his love if we ask him.

 ◘          Disappointments and losses....Disappointments and losses can be devastating but we all experience them at some point in our live through things such as; unmet expectations, separation, divorce, death, etc. It is normal for us to want to hang onto things and others that are in our life because they give us a sense of 'security'. When we loose those things we are close to it makes us feel 'insecure' and vulnerable.

It is not pleasant but we all need to 'hold all things loosely' as they are not eternal but tempory. So we fix eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18  

◘          Pressures and expectations from others that we feel we have to meet...Sometimes as a result of past losses accompanied with the fear of abandonment, we can feel as though we have to meet everone's needs in order to feel loved and accepted. These are false expectations we put on ourselves, then we try and live by them to please others.

◘          Wrongs that have been committed against us or others that we have still not resolved....When we have been hurt in some way by someone it is easy normal to feel bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness towards that person. But if we continue down this path though it will take root and put in bondage.

Even though these feelings are normal to feel, if we harbor them at all for any period of time they can gain strength within us causes our hearts to become hardened and calloused. We must forgive and give those hurts to God if we are to be free of them.

We will stop here for today and next week we will explore how these issues affect our heart. Thank you for joining me and have a blessed day.

Blessings Dee