The Many Faces of Anger Conclusion

Morning Friends

This morning we will conclude lesson 2 of "the many faces of anger". thank you for joining me and your kind responses. I always look forward to hearing from you keep them coming. We left off with "What Does Our Anger Tell us"?  Here we go....

◘          It is possible unresolved childhood issues are triggering current situations. Unreasolved built up anger and other related issues do not just go away by themselves and we need to be able to identify what they are before they can be resolved.

 There can be unresolved issues such as; hurt, bitterness, and unforgiveness that fuels anger, then we end up directing it at others, God and even our-selves when not resolved. Sometimes, Certain situations can mirror past painful experiences and bring back to the surface all of these heart issues that are still painful when we remember them.    

◘          There are still unresolved painful experiences. Painful experiences affect all of us and we all view them and deal with them differently. Experiences from the past are the most difficult to deal with for many reasons; 1. There is the time factor, they have been there for a long time.  2. Those experiences were perhaps ongoing.  3. They were so painful, that they were repressed. 4. Reality became distorted and confusing. All of these things mentioned takes time to work through.

◘          We have lost the control of our emotions. Emotion is a good thing and is a gift from God. But, we need to learn how to manage our emotions. We must be the one who is in control of our emotions, not our emotions telling us what to do. Many of us think, that if it feels good it must be good.

 This is a great deception because what feels good to us is not always the best for us, but our appetite will rule over common sense and we will give way to what feels good first every time unless we have entrusted our emotions to God and let him total rule and reign over them. 

          We  are probably feeling overwhelmed with life.

           We are probably carrying burdens that God doesn’t want us to carry.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

 Anger can work for our good if we let God take us to the root causes. Anger can drive us away from God if we try and hide from our feelings of guilt and shame, or it can drive us to God where we receive his forgiveness and love.


Questions to ponder:   

 1.        Do you get angry when confronted?

 2.       Do you use anger to excuse your own behavior?

3.       Does anger control you ro do you control it?

 4.       Do you harbor anger for days or try and resolve it quickly?

 5.       Is your anger most always directed at another person or at the situation?

  This concludes this lesson on anger. next week we will begin with lesson 3. Have a great day and be Blessed.

love Dee