How Does Problem Anger Affect Our Walk With God?

Good Morning Friends,

This morning will will continue on our series of 'Problem Anger". This morning we will address how problem anger "Affects Us Spiritually". Anger not only affects us, but those around us, and our relationship with God. For those of you joining us on the web welcome and let me know your thoughts about this series. you can email me directly from our website , or send me a personal message @ . Let's get started....

◘   It separates us from God. My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. For man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.  James 1:19

The truth about anger is, it is a emotion that can easily separate us from others, so it should not be that difficult to realize that our anger will also separate us from God as well. Our untrollable anger drives us away from others and God. When we are angry all we want at the time is to 'vent'. We just want to vent without interference from anyone and that includes God. At that point, nothing matters except to be 'heard'. When we are in that state no one can reason with us and we are driven away from everyone who loves us. 

◘  Tenderness of heart is replaced with a hard heart. Blessed is the man who always fears the Lord, but he who hardens his heart falls into trouble. Proverbs 28:14. Anger causes us to become 'resistant' to outside input because it hardens our hearts. 

 There is a resistance to positive change and a unwillingness to face personal responsibility.  Unless we allow our hearts to 'soften' before God and others our heart will remain hardened. Letting down the walls of pain and unforgiveness will soften us once again drawing us back into relationship with God and others. It is imperative that we recognize our wrongs and begin to deal with our part in our anger as well how others have wronged us. It is a two- way street!  

 ◘   We develop a “I don’t care” attitude that stops us from looking at our own problems and issues. When we say "I don't care", what we are really saying is "I want someone to really care". "I don't care" is a 'survival' comment that is used to protect us from further hurt and pain. Deep down we really do care but we don't think 'others care about us'. By saying 'I don't care' is really an attempt on our part to see if 'someone really does cares or not' .

 ◘  Deeper un-resolved issues and painful experiences are overlooked keeping us in bondage preventing us from moving forward spiritually. Anger is many times just a front clouding deeper painful situations. These deeper painful issues are many times overlooked because anger quickly becomes the issue to deal with. The way to deal with anger issues is "NOT" to deal with just the behavior associated with anger itself, but rather, to go deeper into the painful situations that have caused the anger in the first place.  

 Well, this concludes this lesson on Problem Anger and next week we will begin with the "Strongholds behind Anger". Here are some thoughts to ponder....

1.  Do you feel like there are others issues that revolve around anger but you don’t what they are?

 2. What is your perception of how God looks at anger and more specifically how God feels about the anger within you?

Have a Sweet Blessed Day