Are we looking down or looking up?

"Dee's Thoughts"

Traveling by bus from Memphis, Tennessee, to St. Louis, Missouri, typically takes about 6 hrs----unless the bus driver leaves you stranded at a gas station. this happened to 45 passengers aboard a bus who waited 8 hrs overnight for a replacement driver after the original driver abandoned them. they must have felt frustrated by the delay, anxious about the outcome, and impatient for rescue.

Lets look at the life of Joseph in Genesis 39. Here he is in prison abandoned and forgotton by his brothers and put in prison for something he did not do. It doesn't get much worse than this right?

I would guess that Joseph also felt similar feelings as the people stranded by their bus driver. Still, "the Lord was with Joseph and showed him mercy, and He gave him favor Vs 21. But regardless of joseph circumstances God Blessed him and made him prosper even though he remained in prison for yrs to come.

There is a lesson here for all of us. With God we are never stranded or abandoned and He always knows exactly where we are. 

You may also feel stranded and alone, maybe its not at a bus station, but it could be in a hospital room or you may feel imprisioned within yourself. The good news is God knows exactly where you are, how long you have been there and how to get you home.

Nothing is to difficult for God. keep looking up not down and He will rescue you at just the right time.

Blessing to all