Welcome to our new website...Reachingthebroken.org. this is a new site and we are thrilled about  it.  personally it offers me a better way to connect with people and hopefully a better way for you to connect with us. We are adding new things on a regular basis so keep coming back.

 check out our material page as we have some new things to offer. I am especially excited about our new books just published and want to tell you about one in particular.....it is called "The Trail Of Broken Pieces". this new book is also accompanied with a facilitator guide and a 10 lesson video for those who are interested in doing group studies. It is a great tool that enhances healthy relationships, gives people a place where they can be real and honest with one another, and cultivates a new/ or deeper spiritual relationship with God.   

keep looking and visiting us and if we can help you in any way let me know. you can email me from this website and i will be blogging regularily. once again thank you for your interest in our website and may the good Lord bless you and keep you all well.

Dee Johnston....founder and executive director of Healing Hearts Ministry.