Breaking unhealthy Life Patterns (lesson 1)



                                                 " Life Patterns Where Do They Come From?" 

                                                  Our thoughts create our own personal reality

 Life patterns both (healthy and unhealthy) are birthed out of what we have seen and heard modeled before us over time and include our thoughts, values, likes and dislikes. We take ownership of these patterns when we adopt them for ourselves and begin modeling them in our own life.  

A) Thought Pattern what is it?   

          A thought pattern is a habitual way that the mind processes what happens ‘to us’ and ‘around us’. Some thinking patterns are healthy and some are unhealthy. Some also reflect truth and some reflect distortions of the truth.

 B) Unconscious Life Patterns.. 

            Unconscious patterns (healthy and unhealthy) are patterns of life that develop over time and are not always recognized at first as having any influence in our daily lives. But over time they develop into stronger beliefs and habits that begin to affect our daily decisions.

These Patterns are made up of our;

 Thoughts…what we think!  For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit within him? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. I Corinthians 2:11-12

 Emotions…Our reactions to what we think!

 Motives… The drive behind our actions!  Chronicles 28:9..And you, my son Solomon, acknowledge  

the God of your father, and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind, for the Lord searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts.   

 Note:           An unconscious life pattern that is unhealthy can turn into a state of mind (mindset)! These mindsets or ways of thinking are many times birthed out of bad experiences and can go as far back as our childhood.


A mindset/way of thinking is set in place as a result of:

         Bad Experiences related to; Physical and or Sexual abuse, Verbal abuse, mind games, etc

         Role Models there values and beliefs…family members, friends, authority figures, etc

         What we see and hear

         What we are told to do or not to do!

         How we are loved or the lack of love in our lives


A Victim Mindset (an unconscious life pattern):

         The person with a victim mindset is convinced through past experience that they deserve what happens to them.

 •         The person believes that in someway they are responsibility for the bad things that happen to themselves and to others around them.


The Pattern of Victim Thinking: What does it look like?

         Victim thinking is different from a mindset because it can come and go quickly depending on our circumstances, where a victim mindset totally consumes one’s thinking.

          Where there is victim thinking you will also find fear, lies, and insecurities. Victim thinking is rooted most of the time in our past (childhood) and is carried through into our adulthood.

 This thinking can be triggered by reliving bad experiences through our memories, dreams etc. or can be triggered by similar situations that remind of an experience in our past.


KEY:  One thing to remember is that victim thinking and mindsets are unhealthy patterns of life that need to be reprogrammed within our thinking process. This can take time but those patterns can and will be broken as truth is directed specifically to the lies that fuel the distorted thinking.

 This will conclude our first lesson for today. As you read the lesson think on these questions:

1. Do I feel strongly about certain beliefs in my own life and if so, where did i learn these beliefs?

2. If this beliefs are not my own but rather, beliefs that i was taught, ask yourself this the things I believe... work for good in my life, or do I feel like I am trapped and in bondage because of them? if we feel trapped and in bondage, there is a good chance that what we believe may not be as true or as good for us as we think it is. 

Blessings, see you next week.

Dee johnston