The Fear Of Rejection

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This morning we are going to be addressing 'the fear of rejection'.. this is lesson 7 in our series "Identifying Unhealthy Life Patterns. thank you for reading my blogs and please pass on these blogs to others if you so desire. 

Most everyone has at some point in life experienced the sting of rejection and even though it is not a pleasant feeling we will usually recovery from random situations very quickly. But the 'fear of rejection' goes deeper than a random situation. A 'root of Rejection' is birthed in our childhoods and follows us into our adulthood affecting how 'we see outselves' and how 'we think others see us'! Since we are all created to 'love' and be 'loved' the root of rejection will hinder us in our interpersonal relationships as we will guard oursleves from receiving and giving love for fear of being rejected. So, let's get started....

                                                             The fear of rejection

                            The fear of rejection will ultimately lead into a cycle of rejection!


   Defining the fear of rejection?

         The fear of rejection is a state of the mind that makes us feel unworthy, helpless and inadequate especially when we are around others.

 ▪         The fear of rejection is paralyzing and inhibits a person from doing or saying what they want out of fear of what others may think or disapprove of..

 ▪         The fear of rejection can hinder a person to the point of becoming un-productive.


The fear of rejection can be related to:

          A fear of being left alone

          Being to dependent on the opinions of others

           A lack of confidence and ability to be in control of our own life


People who fear Rejection:

 ▪         Lack the courage to be different from others even if they don’t like the behavior of others they are around.

 ▪         Resort to Passive/Aggressive behavior that is dishonest and sneaky.

 ▪         Play games with people, they keep their personal feelings hidden and say one thing when they mean another.

▪         Are Confused about who they are, so they wear masks that helps them to fit in when necessary.

 ▪        Are dishonest with themselves to the point of not knowing what is truth and what is a lie.

▪         Lack Self-Confidence and worth because they were never fully affirmed and valued in their families .

 ▪         May have had a traumatic experience that left them scarred and wounded.

 ▪         Probably had poor role models in live where they weren’t accepted for who they were.

 ▪         Have probably not been exposed to healthy ways of dealing with conflict and disagreement.


The fear of rejection is:

 ▪         An Irrational Fear that tells us others do not accept me for who I am.

 ▪         Personal feelings of inadequacy that fuel the need for approval, recognition, and affirmation.

 ▪         A driving force that keeps people from being real and honest about who they really are.

 ▪         An Energy Robbing Attitude that leads us down the path of self-defeat and destructive behavior.

 This attitude encourages irrational thinking and unhealthy behavior that leads to further issues such as depression.

 ▪         A Motivating force that affects the kind of choices we make every day regarding relationships, family, work etc.

 ▪         A loss of Personal Power that we have given over to others, dictating our desires, wants and dreams.


We are going to stop here today and next week we will begin with part 2, 'Common Behavior Patterns associated with rejection. Remember, if you have any questions you can contact me on my or email directly or through the website @ Have a wonderful day.

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