The Motive of Communication must always be 'Love'

Hi Everyone

I got a little bit ahead of myself last week in this weeks discussion, instead of looking at 'what do we do when nothing works' we are going to look at this week 'what our motive should be in communication'. Thank you for joining me this morning and I hope it will be a blessing to you. Here we go...

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a  multitude Of sins. I Peter 4:8

 We all operate out of two different kinds of love, since we are not perfect! Surprise? They are, 1. Genuine love and 2. Selfish love. Genuine love is pure with no hidden agenda's. it is a love that requires 'nothing back' in return from the other person. Selfish love is not real love because it has an agenda behind it. In other words, the persons heart is not pure and wants something back from the other person in exchange for their love.  

Selfish love is the primary love that most of us operate out of, because we have a sin nature that is always wanting its own way. Even when our sinful nature is surrendered to Jesus and we have His nature operating through us, sin can quickly raise its ugly head at times and want its own way.

So, even when we believe we are operating out of a pure heart, it is easy at times to slip back into our own selfish ways. The good news though is this... when we have surrendered our heart to Jesus, his life within us is always at work causing us to do the right thing. Even when we make mistakes, there is grace and we can always make things right again.

There are ways we can know if we are operating out of 'Genuine Love'.

Genuine Love

 •  Promotes an environment that is safe and allows personal Growth and maturity.

Unfortunatly, there are many that have not been raised in what we would call a safe enviroment. What does a safe enviroment look like? 1. It is free from abusive behaviors. 2. It is where openness and honestity is encouraged. 3. It is where feelings and emotions are shared openly 4. It is a place free from fear and instills value and worth.     

•  Puts the other persons needs before their own.  Genuine love always puts others first. It wants the best for others and wants to see them succeed. Selfishness looks out for 'self', it only thinks of what it needs and wants first.

Is honest at all times...It is important for trust to be in all relationships. without trust communication breaks down. Lies and deception destroys relationships and shuts down healthy communication, instead harsh and damaging communication takes its place.

 Once we are known as being 'less than honest' it is difficult to regain trust again with another or try to rebuild what has been torn down. It can take a long time in some cases but not impossible and in others it may never be built again with those who have betrayed you.

    Always has a heart that is ready to forgive.  Forgiveness is key to all relationships. It is imperative that we keep short accounts with those we care about in our lives. If we let past hurts and wounds get in the ways of our relationships, we run the risk of letting our hearts become hard and calloused.

We must pursue right relationship and let our hearts heal of any hurts and go on and not harbor old wounds.  This does not help you and will keep you a distance from others and from God. 

Thank you for joining me today and I will see you next week. Be blessed and full of Joy.