Days Past... part 2


Morning Everyone

Thank you for joining me this morning and welcome to "Dee's Thoughts". If you are at all like me, you may find yourself at times remembering back to the "days of old". Sometimes they are pleasant memories sometimes not! Regardless, let us continue with our question from last week. ..."Have you learned from your past"? Last week we began discussing what are some of the things we need to leave in the past. lets continue:

 Dr. James Montgomery Boice says,  (Quote) "There are many leeks-and-garlic Christians among us. You are one if you are constantly looking to the past. If your Christian testimony is entirely taken up with what God did for you thirty or forty years ago, or you are constantly talking about the old days when God's blessing on your life seemed great, then you are looking to the past.

 Paul warns against this in Philippians. He would say, 'Look! I also remember the Past blessings of God, but those are old blessings, what about the new blessings of God? Old blessings serve no real purpose in our life today other than our remembering of them encourages us to press forward in God. We can and should be thankful for God's blessings always, but we reeed to be moving forward not lingering for to long in the past. There can be no real progress made in our lives until we can properly put our past behind us, learning from it and moving ahead. Here are some others things we need we need to forget:

The guilt of past sins.

We can despair over past experiences and failures to the point where it can cause us to doubt and wonder if we can or have ever been forgiven. Or, we can be encouraged by them instead, the choice is ours. Example, think of a husband or wife who is wasting away about some incident in their past continually asking for forgiveness over and over again. They have forgotten it but we haven't. So it is with our heavenly Father when we go to him and start to describe to him again the follies and falls of years past, if we listen we will hear the still small voice of God  saying,  "They are forgiven sins, my child" let them go.


You may say to me how hard you find it to forget those things, and I say to you that that I understand, but what we are being asked in our text is not to remember them. God can forget nothing, but he chooses not to bring to his remembrance our sins . . . never! I know we cannot simply forget something in response to someone telling us to.  Refusing to remember simply means not bringing a matter up to use against ourselves or another person. When you promise to forgive another, you promise not to remember his wrongdoing by bringing it up against him. That means you won't talk to others about it, and you won't allow yourself to sit and brood over it either.


Thank you for joining me this morning.

Blessings Dee

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