Have you ever felt lost?


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I think we have all felt lost at one time or another and have you noticed it really doesn't matter if we are around others or not does it?  In fact, being around people or crowds seem to make it worse instead of better. Why is that? It is because it is a condition or state of the heart. There is no medicine that will make it better or any one person who can fix it.

What we need is not met with more things or more relationships, what we need is to know are loved, accepted and have a purpose in life and these things are only met through the heart.

In many cases, we are lost and don't even realize it, we are just going through life not really knowing where we are going or why. We are desperate to be found, for someone to rescue us, protect us and comfort us. The problem is, we always look to places that cannot feel this empty place or change this condition of our hearts. 

But, there is hope and Jesus is the one who will fill us up, all we have to do is ask!  He will bind up that which has been broken in our lives; reviving, restoring, conforting and giving us his peace and joy once again.  

If you are feeling lost and alone especially now during the holidays, know that we are never totally alone and that we have a loving God who desires to draw close to us. If it is difficult at this time for you to reach out, reach up, He is waiting for you... 

Blessings, Dee

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