He Who Began A Good Work Will Complete It...part 2


Good Morning friends

Thanks for joining me this morning as we continue on with our new series on :  "Forgetting What is Behind". We are breaking down our Scripture Verse in Philippians 1:6 in four parts. Last week we completed 1 & 2. If you are just joining us you can view last weeks on our webpage. So, Let's get started.

3.  God takes personal responsibility for completing his work in us

This is a comforting thought. It is not up to me and you! God started this “good work” and will continue until he accomplishes what He wants it to do in our life. And what is that? To be conformed to the image of Jesus, and he will not quit until that is accomplished.

We have heard the phrase, “please be patient. God isn’t finished with me yet.” It’s true, when we look at ourselves we may not always like what we see in the mirror---but God is not finished with us yet we are in process.

There is good news and bad news in this truth. The good news is ---God is not finished with me yet. But the bad news is that, if God, is not finished yet, then there is more he intends to do in my life. That may at times be uncomfortable for me, all of which is necessary if we are to be transformed into the image of Christ. We must not be concerned with this (not finished yet) because God is in control. We don't need to concern ourselves with this because God knows each one of us personally and knows how to work out His transforming life in us. you and I are each unique in His eyes and in His plan, that is blue-printed just for us!

Do not beat yourself when you find yourself in the muck and mire of personal defeat, be encouraged, you are a child of God and he is not finished with you yet.


4.  God guarantees the outcome of his work in us

Not only does God start the process, and continue the process, he also guarantees its ultimate outcome. He will “carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

This means that nothing will get in the way of that happening. God is so determined to make us like Jesus that even our own backsliding will not hinder that purpose. In fact, even our backsliding CAN serve a purpose in bringing us back to God because (even in our failures) God shows us we cannot do it in our own strength.

Someday we will stand before God redeemed, blameless and complete in every way. What a promise! What is incomplete will be made complete.

The One who calls you is faithful…..T he one who calls you is faithful and he will do it. 1 Thessalonians 8:24

Note the last four words of verse 24: “He will do it.” They are simple and direct. No qualification, no hesitation, no doubt of any kind. Just four simple words: He will do it. Not “He may do it” or “He might do it” or “He could do it” or “He will do it if he feels like it.” Not even “He will do it if we do our part.” Just a simple clear statement that God will do it. There is no hint of us doing anything at all God will do it. When everything is all said and done, what matters is not how strong I held onto God, but rather, how strong he held on to me.


Some things to Ponder

1.  Are you confident that the work the Lord has begun in your life will be completed?

2.  Does trying to live the Christian life at times seem like a burden?

3.  Do you feel guilty when you don’t think you measure up to what God wants?

4.  Do you feel like you have failed God to many times and that he is displeased with you?

This will conclude our first lesson on "Forgetting what is behind". Next week we will continue on with lesson 2 called "Are We Chained To Christ Or Chained To The Past"? Please join us. Have a Blessed day.