Chained to Christ or Chained to the Past? part 2

Good Morning friends

Thanks for joining me this morning as we continue on with our new series on :  "Forgetting What is Behind". This morning we will begin with lesson 2..part 2  How do we let go of the past? If you are just joining us you can view last weeks on our webpage. So, Let's get started.

How do we let go of the past?

1.  First we need to connect things of the past to people and events.

Where there is hurt and pain (emotional) we can trace it back to some one we know who has let us down in one way or another. We need to identify the hurt first, then, connect a person to that specific situation. Key: You cannot resolve a hurt or wound if you cannot connect a person to that wound. The reason being; hurt and pain that is the result of a wound comes from our connection to others. Specifically, those we love or care about. 

 We experience hurt from those we are closest to and who we want to be in our life. We don’t feel hurt from strangers because we don’t have a relationship connection with them. It’s important for us to resolve these issues because unresolved issues between loved ones makes us sick in heart, mind and soul and creates a wall of separation between us, them and God. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

2.   We need to identify how we have been hurt.

Wounds cannot be healed if we don’t acknowledge how we have been wronged. The reason this is important is because underneath our wounds there are hidden other issues such as anger, resentment and un-forgiveness. These deeper issues will more than likely get the most attention up front, because we want to protect our heart from feeling pain and these other issues can at times become a safer approach to deter us away from those issues that are so key to our freedom and healing.

 If we allow things such as anger, resentment and un-forgiveness to take us to the root of our pain we are in good shape or vice-versus, our pain can also lead us to our anger and un-forgiveness. But if we just stay at the pain level (emotional) and never get to the deeper issues that involve anger, resentment and un-forgiveness (spiritual level), we will not get to the real root which is our pain and our heart issues with others.

 Key: We will not be able to totally forgive until we get down to the pain level. Opening up our hearts about our painful experiences is the key to unlocking the other issues.

Think of it this way, if we go to God and ask him for forgiveness, don’t we need to confess to Him what we have done wrong first then ask Him for forgiveness? Of course we do. It is no different when we are working through issues that involve others. If someone has wronged you, you know it-- and you are very aware of what it was that they did, because it’s that thing that always rises to the surface just when you don’t expect it to.

 So why do we tiptoe around the issue when it comes to admitting how we have been hurt? Fear! We are afraid of what they will say and do. We must deal with our fear and address these issues. Here is a good approach to this, be specific about how we have been hurt and who has hurt us. When we get gut-level honest with ourselves and with others big things happen. We get free!

We will stop here this week and finish with this lesson next week. Next week we will look at the importance of Forgiveness. Have a great day and be blessed.