Worry...The Opposite Of Faith!

Good Morning Friends

We have all worried at one time or another. Can we say that by worrying that things have changed for the better, it solved my problems, it made me feel better, it lifted my burdens and it gave me the answers I was looking for.Well, it has not worked for me, if it has worked for you let me know I would love to hear about it. Here are my thoughts:

Dee's Thoughts

 Here is what worry really does for us.....'Worry distorts our thinking, it disrupts our work, it disquiets our soul, it disturbs our body, it disfigures our face, it destroys our friends, demoralises our life, defeats our faith, debilitates our energy, it unfits us to meet our difficulties, it prevents us from thinking clearly, it causes our hands to tremble so much that we cannot perform any delicate operation at all. Worry is what causes the crease on your brow, it's what ties your stomach in knots and makes you irritable and hard to get along with'. There are even those who, when they find themselves not worrying, that they start to worry about not worrying. (quote..William Ward).

the word 'anxiety' in English comes from the root of 'anger' - the beginning of 'anxiety' and the root of it actually refers to the physical act of choking! Isn't that a wonderful picture of worry? You feel you're being choked, that the air is not being able to get to the airways, or that the water is coming over your head and it's going to drown you, and you can't keep your head above the water. What Paul is saying is that anxiety and worry chokes life and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. (F.B. Meyer)

Now let's look at why worry is sin. I'm not saying that sometimes the reasons for our worries are not legitimate cares, but the problem is how we approach our cares and our concerns. Worry comes when you face a problem, and you feel your utter inadequacy to overcome it, isn't that right? And we have all been there!

I know at least for me and maybe you also, I have to purposely focus on giving my concerns to God or I will try to work it out my way. This is not easy to do but when we give up and let God work it out it works out much better than if I was doing it my way. And isn't this what God wants us to do?

'Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee'? How can you do it? Well, it's so simple it's profound. It's what Peter said in 1 Peter 5 verse 7: 'Cast all your care upon me, for I care for you'.

Be Blessed, have a great day