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Morning Everyone, Here are some words for thought. Thank you for joining me today, and let me know your thoughts.

“How much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?”

Matthew 7:11

             Do you believe that God does give good things to us when we ask Him?  Do we really believe that when hard times come, that God knows all about it and will take care of it?

             I  have experienced  this just recently in my own life. It is at those specific times when we have a need and we cannot see a way out of it. (Perfect time for God to intervene) The key here being “we cannot see a way out of it”. Our faith is exercised when we are looking to God to do what we cannot do ourselves. Of course, this is the problem, when we think or try and work it out ourselves we are in essence saying we don’t need God, we will take care of it ourselves.

                 When we ask God for ‘help’, He takes us seriously and he desires to come to our rescue, but we have to let Him have His way and get out of the picture. Why is it so difficult to ‘totally let go and trust’ Him to take care of us? Because we either think our plan is better, or, we are fearful of how God is going to take care of it. Either way it is not faith at work!

             Pride gets in the way of asking and receiving from others but most importantly from God. We need to get to the place where we know because we know God is ultimately in control of all things and that He loves us and has a plan laid out for our life. That does not mean we just sit back and don’t play a part in our circumstances and relationships, rather, as we go about our daily lives we trust in God for the overall answer when our problems and circumstances seem to overwhelm us.

             So, can we have totally peace, rest, and confidence that God will work it all out? Yes we can! The answer may not come the way we think it should or will, in fact, it probably won’t, because God will not be put in a box but we can be assured the answer will come and we will be amazed at how He does it!

 See you next week. Be blessed


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