Righteous and Un-righteous Anger

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Anger is a strong emotion that affects many Christians today. We all experience anger from time to time, but for the Christian how anger is viewed and handled from a spiritual perspective can be difficult to deal with. There is the view that all anger is sinful. This view I believe comes from the out-of-control behavior that we see associated with anger.

I agree that where you see anger you see many times ungodly behavior as well. I have ministered over the years to many broken people who have lived through bad experiences in their past and have had a lot of anger issues. Rightfully so, that anger would be a part of those experiences.

The key is to be able to express our anger so we can get down to the pain of those experiences. So, let's take a look at righteous and un-righteous anger for deeper insight....For today let's define anger:

 Anger is:

An emotional state that may range in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. Anger has physical effects including raising the heart rate and blood pressure and the levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Righteous Anger:

Righteous anger is a reaction to wrong doing or sin. This definition of wrong doing or sin is based upon the Bible and not a subjective notion. The Bible must be our guide.

Un-Righteous Anger:

 Anger is unrighteous when it is motivated by selfishness and self-protection. Righteous anger always looks out for the good of others, the protection of the innocent, and the glory of God.

What Causes Anger? 

Anger is always the result of what we are thinking. We cannot be angry without thinking. Anger is my response to some outside event or influence. Any time I get angry, I have perceived a wrong, and have responded to that wrong. Nobody can force a person to get angry. Nobody can force you to react in a certain way. Anger comes from the well of our heart. (Proverbs 4:23)


Jim Berg explains it this way: “Anger is God’s way of putting His finger on another area of our life that is not yet surrendered to God.” (Quieting the Noisy Soul) Berg is saying that when we respond to life’s circumstances in anger, we are revealing that we really have not given over every aspect of our lives to God’s complete control. Berg further explains:

  A man’s anger is [an] indicator of his priorities. Find out what highly displeases him, and you have exposed what he values. No one is displeased if something he values little is taken away or is threatened. But begin to rob a man of his treasures, and you will have a fight on your hands. It may be his control, his reputation, his possessions, his position, or his health. A man’s anger reveals what areas of life are most precious to him. His anger exposes what he has not yet surrendered fully to God to deal with as He wishes for His glory and for the man’s good. 

We will stop here for today and continue on next week. Thank you for joining me and see you next week.

Blessings, Dee

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