Keeping It Simple

The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.

 Psalm 119:130

Good Morning Everyone, Happy Thanksgiving to you, may your families be blessed , healthy and filled with joy and Thanksgiving, as we have so much to be thankful for. This morning as I was reading, this Scripture Verse stood out to me. I think of how hectic our lives can and have become as we all feel the ongoing pressures of life. So, this morning we are going to discuss what it means to “Be Simple.”

What does it mean to “be simple?”  As I looked it up one of the definitions I found was “free of deceit; artless; sincere.”  The word artless means “free from deceit, cunning, or craftiness; ingenuous: an artless child.”  So, putting that all together we can say, God protects those with hearts that are free from deceit, not cunning, like an innocent child.”

How do we manage a life that is becoming progressively more complicated every day? God’s Word brings light and understanding, simple not complicating. The word “simple” literally means uncomplicated. In other words, the Word of God brings light and understanding to a life that has been simplified.

God’s Word is revelation to you and me bringing understanding and peace into a life of chaotic events that have confused us and make it hard to understand what to do. When we simplify our life, it gets progressively more worth living and more enjoyable; our quality of life and level of success will go up. When thy word is revealed, it delivers us, and makes the simple wise.

God’s Word is literally being unfolded before our very eyes bringing revelation to our mind. A door is open so that we can enter in through a gate where the meaning of the word of God is "opened" to us, so that we may, as it were, enter in and see its beauty.

Keeping it simple today is a difficult task to say the least, but keeping it simple will give us a life that is more enjoyable and stress free. During this thanksgiving Holiday, wouldn’t it be wonderful in the midst of cooking and more cooking that we can take a breath and think on all that we have and be thankful.. When all is said and done at the end of a day, all that really matters is family and love for one another and a grateful heart toward God who gives us all things.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Everyone

Love to you, Dee

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