Are We Really Sorry?

Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death. 2 Corinthians 7:10

 Good morning everyone, thank you for joining me this morning “Dee’s Thoughts”. First of all I want to give a plug for an upcoming year long curriculum of group studies (5) called “‘AWAKEN” that I will be doing beginning January 4th 2016. These studies will be held at Emmanuel Fellowship from 9:30-11:30am every Monday omitting holidays. We will have all the information on our website . You can also contact the church office for information 402-572-6763. There are no sign-ups all class material will be provided at a small cost proceeds going to Healing Hearts Ministry.

 Today the air waves are filled with all that is happening in our country and oversees. Tragic! We hear continually these words “If they would just call it what it is”. This morning our topic is one of “are we really sorry”. How well do we call it what it is in our own lives when it comes to taking responsibility for our own actions and how sorrowful are we when we say we are sorry?

 There are two kinds of sorrow, worldly sorrow and Godly sorrow. Worldly sorry does not involve a change of heart Godly sorrow does. Worldly sorrow is more about I got caught not I have sinned against God.  When I realize I have sinned against God with my actions and behaviors, it brings us to a place of repentance with no regret.

  The heart never goes out to God in true repentance without a previous change of how I see things. We can change to a degree without repentance, but no genuine repentance comes without having a change of heart, actions  and behavior . When we are truly sorry (repent) things change. Relationships are brought together, the heaviness of our heart is lifted, and forgiveness is extended. When we are truly sorry our actions and our character changes in the process.

 Worldly sorrow is totally different there are no changes that take place within us. We may see the evil consequences of sin from a worldly point of view. We may see that it will greatly affect our character and possibly our life if exposed but our selfishness and the fear of being found out hinders us from doing the right thing.  We can feel sorry and even have some relief and feel better for a while but our conscious will still bother us until we do the right thing.  

 The question is this: Where are we at individually when we say we are sorry. Are we really sorry or are we just wanting to get out of a tight situation. We will know the answer to that question if we have a change of heart. Sometimes we can say we are sorry very quickly and later realize our heart is still bothered. Don’t worry we can always go back and make right our actions it is never too late.

 Blessings, Dee

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