Are You Hungry?

Good Morning Evenyone

Thank you for joining me this morning and thank you for following my blog. My desire with these blogs is to enlighten my audience with spiritual insight and to challenge our thinking as it relates to our personal lives. This morning we are going to look at the word 'Hunger'. What do we hunger for?

We all know and understand hunger from a human point of view, but what about from a spiritual point of view? We don't always think of hunger in that way, but God wants us to not focus on our belly's so much....hard to do right? But rather our hunger for Him and the things of God. Luke 1:53 says, He has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich away empty. Now there is nothing wrong in and of itself with being rich, but if we are rich we don't need God as much and feel strong in our own sufficiency.

If we are not hungry, we cannot expect to receive anything from God. God's riches and grace are reserved for only one kind of people: those who are hungry. We may be dissatisfied and unhappy, however, dissatisfaction and unhappiness are not necessarily the same as hunger.

 We may be unhappy and dissatisfied, yet at the same time, we don't seek for more because we are not hungry in a deep sense we are just dissatisfied. What does it mean to be hungry? It is being empty before God and feeling unfulfilled within. An empty and unfulfilled feeling is meant to be an incentive for a person to seek after God.

 However, if a person is not hungry, he can sit in the same place for days without doing anything. God has promised to fill only those who are hungry. He has not promised to fill those who are dissatisfied. Those who are full, that is, who think that they are rich, will be sent away empty-handed.

Today we find many people believers and non believers alike who are dissatisfied, but we find very few who are hungry. The prodigal son in Luke 15 returned home because he was hungry. He could have continued to fill himself with all kinds of foods and things, but this would not have satisfied him, But neither would he have gone hungry, and he would not have thought about returning home.

Today we need a hunger for God, because all those whom God uses and blesses are desperate ones. He loves us and longs to fill us full of Himself, so let us give Him our emptiness and dissatifaction that we may filled with the good things of God.

Thank you for joining me

Be Blessed...Dee

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