The Light Is Dim

Good Morning Everyone 

Revelation 2:3-4…You  have persevered and have endured hardships for my name, and have not grown weary. Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love.

 One of the most difficult things for the Christian and for the church is to “not grow weary”. The Ephesian church is a modal for us to look at regarding a cooled-down faith. Their fervor is gone, they’re still going through the motions of serving God defending the faith but the fire is growing dim.

I remember when I first gave my heart to Jesus, Oh what joy filled my soul. I felt like a new person inside, I was changed. That has been over 40 years ago. I can say through experience that my life in Christ is a two-way relationship. What I do is never as important to Him as my relationship with Him.

 If I nurture that relationship my walk with Him draws closer, if I am slack in seeking Him I begin to sense a dryness within my heart and soul. Once a fire is lit (our life in Christ), it is important to keep it stoked so it doesn’t go out. If it does go out we run the risk of getting it re-lit again.

Christ’s warning to the church at Ephesus not only applied to them in their day but it also applies to modern-day believers today whose hearts have also grown cold. He looks at distracted and complacent Christians who are laboring for every reason but the right one. It is not “our service that our Lord is looking for, it is us”!

The heart grows cold when we begin to give priority to other relationships and activities instead of to the Lord first. Satan has subtly limited how we perceive the word. The truth is, anything that distracts us from God qualifies as an idol.

Returning to a life of passionate service for God begins with repentance. We must assume responsibility for drifting away from our first love. Then, we need to put Jesus Christ back on the throne of our heart and reconnect with Him through regular prayer and meditation on His Word.

God desires an intimate relationship with us. So let me ask you a question: If you don’t know Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord it is never too late to ask Him to come into your life.

Blessings, Dee

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