Be Strong in the wilderness

Good afternoon everyone, thanks for joining me today and i love hearing from you. thank you for your comments on this blog "dee's thoughts". Today we are going to discuss a "wilderness experience". we all have had them, maybe you are in one right now. if you are be encouraged God's knows all about it and will lead you out into the light. let's get started:

They did not ask, where is the Lord, who brought us up out of Egypt and led us through the barren wilderness, through a land of deserts and rifts, a land of drought and darkness, a land where no one lives? Jeremiah 2:6

We all have had a wilderness experience at one time or another. This is just a part of life. But the question that I believe is the most relevant is not that we have experienced a wilderness time, but rather “how do we get through the wilderness when it comes our way”?

  Some of us loose our way and get lost in the wilderness. It is those times when nothing seems to be going right, we thought we were on the right path but now it seems as though we are just walking around never getting anywhere. “We have lost our way”!

  Sometimes in the wilderness we fail to see God’s plan and purpose for us, all we can see is darkness a barren wilderness, dryness of our heart and spirit and doubt seems to flood our soul. “God where are you”?

 The wilderness is not meant to kill and destroy us but rather, meant to be an opportune time to trust and put our hope in the Lord for he knows the way out….”the right path to take”. When discouragement sets in we begin to complain and doubt that God is not there and that we are alone and will have to find our own way out.

 This is not the time to become “self-sufficient” and try to do it in our own strength. Let us not forget it took the Israelites 40 years before they saw the land God was promising them. We may not have to roam around in our personal wilderness for 40 years as they did, but God wants us to trust Him in the experience and let him lead us out.

  Be strong and prevail… what appears to be impossible odds to us is just where God wants us to be. He knows we cannot find our own way out and is ready and willing to lead us in the right direction.  Ask God what he wants you to see personally and spiritually through this experience and watch Him work on your behalf. Don’t run from the wilderness instead run into His loving arms.

Blessings, Dee

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