Around And Around We Go

Good Afternoon Everyone, thank you for joining me today and thank you for reading "Dee's Thoughts". I enjoy your comments keep them coming they are encouraging. Today we talking about why we get stuck and go around and around in circles.  Let's get started:

Have you ever felt so beaten down in heart and spirit that you cannot hear or receive what others are saying to you?

We find ourselves walking in freedom for a while, but then slowly that freedom seems to fade away and we find ourselves right back where we started looking at the same scenery all over again, same past history and shortcomings. How many of you know that obtaining is easier than maintaining? It’s one thing isn't it to obtain freedom, but maintaining freedom is much more difficult. And the simple truth is, that if we can't maintain, we really haven't obtained.

We are born to free but many of you are so discouraged, so disillusioned, so beat up in spirit by the slave conditions in your life, living in and enduring for so long that you hear the promises of freedom and victory but you can't believe it is for yourself!

Read Exodus 6:6-9…The Israelites were not in bondage to the Egyptians. They were slaves in their Mind. The Israelites bondage was not the Egyptians but rather the bondage of their “own thinking”.

If we don’t change how we think our freedom will soon turn into bondage.

 So why do we go around and around? What is it that keeps us bound in our thoughts and in our walk with God? There are many things that can keep us from freedom but one important one is murmuring and complaining. If everything isn't the way we want. it, when we want it, how we want it we whine and complain.

 How do we change this cycle? First of all we have to “do something other than what we are doing? Second, we must walk in purity, third we need to remain where we are planted until we know our heart is right with God and man, fourth, we have to receive a word from God.

 The Lord wants us to walk in the freedom He has provided for us, he does not want to live in bondage. He died for us so that we can be free. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1 Walk in your freedom!

 Blessings Dee

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