Are We Really Hearing?

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 Consider carefully what you hear, he continued. With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more. Mark4:24

 Good Morning Everyone, thank you for joining me this morning. It has been a busy life for a couple of weeks as I know we all have busy lives. Keep the comments coming I so enjoy hearing from you. I have a question I want to ask you, how would you rate your hearing skills? Good, fair or poor! I think most of us would probably say pretty good. Our Scripture verse today discusses this very thing “our hearing”.

Have you ever watched an animal (like a cow) chewing the cud? Well, unless you were raised on a farm probably not! After grazing they sit down quietly, regurgitate what they've eaten, and chew it over and over again before swallowing it. The second chewing aids digestion and the mixing of the nutrients. It makes them look as though they are deep in thought or meditating on something. When we are hearing the Word of God do we chew on it or do we quickly swallow it. The more we chew on it the more we get from it (more revelation and more insight).

On the other hand in contrast to the cow, when a pig eats (an unclean animal), well you have to take my word for it, it is not a pleasant sight to watch. When it comes to hearing the Word of God what is our response? Do we think on it, really hear it when it comes to us (take it in and chew on it) meditate on it and consider it in our hearts.

If we put more effort into seeking to understand spiritual truth, more spiritual truth will be revealed to us. God rewards those who earnestly seek him (Heb 11:6); and we don't have to be Bible teachers to understand the truth. Psalms 119:99 says, I have more insight than all my teachers, for I meditate on your statutes.

Then the Lord says a very strange thing.  He says that people who have will be given more and those who do not have will lose even the little that they have Matt. 25:29.  Look at it this way--the more we study, the more we are capable of studying; the more we know the more we are capable of knowing.  The more we stretch ourselves (heart, mind, spirit) the more responsibility we take on (spiritually), the more we are able to bear. Most of us know that if we want a job done well and done with efficiency, we look for a person who we know will put effort into it and get it done.

If we don’t use what we have, we lose it. It is true on all levels: If we are put in a cast for a broken arm, after 6 weeks or so after the cast is taken off you find you have temporarily lost the use of your arm. Let us all take this message to heart and listen fully with our hearts and minds taking in (eating) the Word of God and chewing on until we receive all the nutrients in it for life and godliness.

Quote…As one ancient Jewish wise man has said: “According to the standards of mortal man, an empty vessel is able to contain (what is put into it), and a full vessel cannot contain it, but according to the standards of the Holy One, blessed be he, a full vessel is able to contain it while an empty one cannot.”

Blessings, Dee

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