Are you a leader or a follower?

Good morning everyone , welcome to (Dee's thoughts). I love getting your comments, thank you for joining me today. Would you consider yourself a 'leader or a follower'? We may think one is better than another, but i think you will be surprised to see how they work together. Let's begin:

Quote:  if you want to be a great leader, you must first become a great follower. Let's look at the relationship between leaders and followers.

→Joshua followed Moses for more than forty years before he led the children of Israel into the promised land.

 →Elisha served Elijah for ten years before he took up his master’s mantle and went on to perform even more miracles.

 →The Apostle Peter followed Jesus for three years—and made a lot of mistakes—before he and his fellow-disciples “turned the world upside down” (see Acts 17:6).

A Leader….Should want and receive input from others. In other words, they realize their leadership role is only as successful as they allow others to help them along the way.  It is a matter of pride if a leader thinks that they are the end all of their success.

In other words, you see things I don’t see. You hear things I don’t hear. You have experiences I don’t have. Help me be a better leader in the areas where I may not have the access to information you do. Help your leader do his or her job better. Good followers find ways to make the leader better.

In order to become a good leader, we must first be a good follower. A good leader does not become one over night, it can take years of learning the lessons of being a good follower first. Here are some characteristics of a good follower: There is obedience, doing what we are told to do. If we cannot submit to others and do what we are told to do we won't even get to first base.

Being a servant..This is crucial. Great followers are observant. They notice what needs to be done to help the leader accomplish his or her goals. Then they do it—joyfully, without grumbling or complaining.

Humility..Great followers don’t make it about them. They are humble. They shine the light on the leader. They make their own boss look good—especially in front of his or her boss or Spiritual leader.

Respect..All leaders will have bad days.There will be days when others may feel like the leader does not deserve respect or the leader may also feel the same way. I’m not respectable, but I do hold the responsibility to lead, so encourage me when you can. Chances are I’ll continue to improve if I am led to believe I am doing good work. In public settings, even when you don’t necessarily agree with my decisions, honor me until you have a chance to challenge me privately.

These are just a few of the characteristics of a leader in the making. So, if we would now answer the question, 'are you a leader or a follower' which one would you think is more important than the other? It is good to want to be a leader of course, it is also just as good to be a good follower. We will not become good leaders unless we learn the lessons of being a good follower.

This is the first lesson we learn as Christians, can we follow our Lord Jesus or do we have to be in charge? This is a life long lesson learning to submit, learning to submit and follow. To me this is the greatest of all the challenges. If i can say, I follow my Lord Jesus where ever he sends me and do what he tells me to do, then I have learned to be a good follower and have passed the test of becoming a good leader.

 Much love


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