Are You Listening?

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to ‘Dee’s Thoughts’. How do you feel when you are trying to communicate to someone and they are not listening?  It can be most frustrating can’t it?

Listening is not the same as hearing, hearing alone is impersonal, listening is personal! To be a good listener, we must, first pay attention. When we don’t listen we create feelings such as Annoyed, frustrated, discounted, rejected, anxious or angry? Such feelings usually make communication more difficult. So how can we show someone who is speaking that we really are paying attention to them? We can do this both nonverbally and verbally.

Research shows that about 85% of what we communicate is nonverbal that includes our posture, eye to eye contact and facial expressions. Knowing when to be silent can be a powerful communication tool. Silence allows others to become aware of their own feelings and gives them freedom to express without being pressured.

If we are to become good listeners we cannot be intimidated by silence! This is the obstacle we all have to overcome-- is to be able to stop doing all the talking and give others the space to open up and share. Listening is an expression of love and can heal many wounds.

Have a great day