Be Patient with one another


Good Morning Everyone and welcome to Dee’s Thoughts. I am reminded this morning of how difficult it can be at times to show patience. We may know we should and we want to be patient, but at any given moment something happens and our patience is being challenged! Why is it so difficult? We have all heard of this statement: Lord, give me patience . . . and I want it right now!

Patience is a rare and remarkable virtue that comes with a price. In the Greek, patience is not used in regard to things or events, but rather, people. It is a compound word that means "long or far," and also "hot, anger, or wrath." Putting it together, we come up with "long-anger." You've heard the English expression, "short-tempered"? Well, I suppose we could coin an expression for patience—long-tempered—and not miss the accurate meaning very far.

So how do we practice ‘patience’? The secret is found through ‘endurance’ As we endure through life’s challenges we will reap the fruit of ‘patience’.  Job is an example of enduring under the load of suffering. He determined that he would "abide under" the blast furnace of affliction regardless of its heat. The result was patience. If we let endurance do it’s work in us, all the dross will rise to the top to be skimmed off,. like the purifying process of raw gold. That explains why Paul says that trials and tribulations bring about patience and perseverance within us (Romans 5:3–4).  Lord, have your way in our hearts.

Blessings, Dee