Real Rest

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to “Dee’s Thoughts”. Thank you for your responses I love to hear from you.  As the Holidays are upon us, I am reminded of all the hustle and bustle of the Season. There is never enough time or money to accomplish all of our goals and preparations.   Most of us recognize this hurried pace but can’t seem to get off of the roller-coaster ride. We long for ‘rest’ but it never seems to come. When is the last time you felt rested?

We don’t live in a culture these days that is conductive to rest. Even in our churches we can end up being over-committed because we say ‘yes’ to often. After all, it’s easier to say no to attending a neighborhood party than to signing up for a Bible study.  If it sounds spiritual, we too easily think we should line up behind everyone else and take a ticket.

But being busy for God and knowing God are very different, and we often confuse the two. Jesus spoke one day to a crowd and he spoke directly to their ‘weariness’ Matthew 11:28. He was speaking to those who were worn out trying to do the right thing to please God  and earn their salvation.

Jesus loves you and me, there is no ‘if’ tucked in at the end of the sentence. Despite the countless shades of light and dark that lives inside of us, we are loved completely by God, Hard to take in, isn’t it? That kind of love doesn’t exist apart from God. That kind of love is hard to grasp when we are busy running from one activity to another. That kind of love calls us to rest—really rest—in the presence of the One who made us, who knows us, who loves us.

Enjoy the Holidays in His presence of ‘rest’.

Blessings, Dee