Giving in or Giving up?

Good Morning and welcome to 'Dee's Thoughts'. Have you ever wondered what kind of a person you are? Who we are takes in many aspects of our life I know, but let's look at this particular one. Am I a person who always gives in and if so is it for the right reasons? Some of us give in so as not to upset others even if we need to set a healthy boundary with them, others of us just give up and stop trying. Neither of these is a good place to be wouldn't you agree? 

There is a big difference isn't there, giving in for the wrong reasons or giving up leading us to a place of  hopelessness, but be encouraged there is another way. Giving in can take on a whole new meaning with the word'surrender'.  Surrender from a Biblical perspective is "us letting go of the control of our lives" surrendering it all to the Lordship of Christ. One brings death and hopelessness the other brings 'life'. Choose life you won't be disappointed I guarantee it!

Have a Great Day. Dee