Free Will -the good and bad of it

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to Dee's Thoughts. Love hearing from you so keep the chatter coming. Free will is not something we normally think about everyday but it is a major part of our lives. Most of the time we go about our daily business making decisions every day and not giving it any thought about where we get the power to make those decisions.

Quote: A certain amount of opposition is a great help to a man. Kites rise against' not with the wind. With free will we can choose or not choose. The negative side of free will is 'we are responsible for the choices we make'. With choice we can do what we want which is wonderful, yet at the same time our choices if not rightly intended hurt others. We have the choice to love or hate, give or take.

 God gave us a free will so that we could experience true love. He wanted us to Love Him freely and willingly. Free will allows us to love God willingly or not to. That is why God gave us a free will, that we would want to choose Him. Love does not come through force it comes through love .

Be blessed today Dee