A Person of 'Mature Character'

Good Morning and welcome to 'Dee's Thoughts'. Do we really know just how important it is to be a person of 'good character?  More than likely, you don't wake up in the morning having that thought on your mind. But how we conduct ourselves in all situations is watched by everyone, our families, friends, and even those who don't know us at all. How we act, respond and conduct ourselves is the most important thing we do every day and it impact's others either in a good way or a bad way.  

What is 'Mature Character'? Think of it in this way, we all identify with fruit, it is very good and most of us like to eat the wide variety of fruits. But Fruit just doesn't mature to it's eating level without a growing process that needs to take place first and it is made up of more than one substance. it has juice, pulp, seeds, and is held together by a skin or rind and attached to a tree or vine where it is given life through its branches. 

Such it is with us in regard to developing character, we need time to grow and mature it is a process.  So it is with all of us, maturing (growth) requires tending over time and pruning (cutting back) getting rid of the old stuff if we are to develop good character. Be encouraged today if you feel like you are not where you should be don't give up it is a process. Keep walking, learning and changing with the tide of life. Many of us can be to hard on ourselves and get discouraged. If this is the case pick yourself up and keep pressing on the blessings come after the trials.

Have a Great Day, Dee