Are You Finding What Your Looking For?

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to Dee's thoughts. How many of you have heard of Henry Hudson. His name is attached to many important landmarks in North America (the Hudson River, Hudson Bay). But the facts tell a different story. In many ways, he was seen as a failure. Little is known about Hudson outside of four voyages that he captained.

 It wasn't until his third voyage that he discovered important landmarks. It was on this day in 1610, during his fourth voyage, that Hudson, then forty-five, entered the Canadian bay that bears his name, hoping to find a water passage to the Orient. But, finding no passage, he eventually steered his ship, the “Discovery,” south, where they came to a dead end.

Trapped with few supplies in frigid temperatures, tensions among the crew increased. By the next June, conditions had improved. But a mutiny broke out. Hudson and others were set adrift in a small boat. It is believed that they died of exposure near what we know of as “Hudson Bay.”

 While he never found his way to Asia, Hudson is still remembered because of his pioneering voyages. Yet, describing his life, one historian commented that he “never actually found what he was looking for.”

 Sometimes in life, we may not reach the goals we think are important. This is part of the journey of faith. The Bible describes how some never experience the specific thing they seek. Yet we might accomplish things that we never anticipated and God can use us in unexpected ways. These are reasons why we need to stay faithful, and trust God. His perspective is perfect. His plans lay out every detail we need to know. And He promises to be with us every step of the way. The most important part of our Spiritual Journey is not just reaching a specific goal but rather the journey itself. Enjoy the trip! 

Be Blessed, Dee