The other side of the fence

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to 'Dee's Thoughts'. Have you every wondered what your life would have looked like different from the one you have now? I think we have all thought about that at one time or another, especially when we see others seemly being successful, happy and financially sound when we are struggling day to day. Well let me tell you a story about a 'certain cow'. 

Growing up on a farm it was a common sight to see cattle grazing in the distance enjoying a pasture of green grass. You would think they would be content with what they had wouldn’t you? The key word here being “green grass” .

But, as I watched them grazing, sure enough, there would be a single cow with her head through the fence trying to get at the grass on the other side of the fence. Now that grass on the other side did not necessarily look better, in fact, it really looked worse. So why was the cow working so hard to get to the grass on the other side of the fence? For some reason the cow believed that  grass would bebetter eating than what it already had. So, here is our thought for the day, “Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence”?

It is easy isn’t it for us to believe that what someone else has is better than what we have. Their life is better than mine, their house is better than mine and before you know it I am coveting their things. Suddenly, my things and my life are not good enough anymore. Doesn’t this sound like the cow at the fence? I once heard that if you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, spend some time watering your own grass!

Let us not forget that more often than not, How we view the color of grass is only in our perception of it. We can be deceived thinking it looks good on the outside where in reality it is worse than what we have. We sometimes go to great lengths looking for something betterstraining our necks through a small hole in a fence trying to get to the other side (to something better) only to find the other side is not so good after all. 

But, If we are not careful, in our efforts to get to the other side, we ignore the barbed wire and the thickets that are in our way and In the end, all we find on the other side are brown weeds. We have all we need in Jesus! And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

Blessings, Dee