Good Morning Everyone

It has been awhile since my last post I have had some health issues that just would not go away but am good now. My focus this morning is going to be directed at making you aware of a new equipping leaders class that will be starting soon. this training course is being offered to those who are holding a leadership position or preparing to be in one in the near future. The purpose of this training course is to help others develop a better understanding of the hurting and wounded individual.  The training involves learning how to minister effectively to others when addressing both the emotional and Spiritual areas of life. At the end of this course you should have a better understanding of their problems and how to approach someone who is seeking help. So this morning I am going to send out the information about this class. Please consider coming to this I know you will not be disappointed.

Equipping Leaders

A Training Course is being offered to those who are currently holding a Leadership Position or preparing to be in one in the near future.  The goal of this training is to equip others in areas that relate specifically to the effects of trauma/crisis related issues and experiences, with a specific focus on recognizing the signs and problems that come with hurting individuals.

 It is a once a week, 13 Week course. There is weekly teaching, homework, and hands on group exercises.

 Once the Class starts, it will be a CLOSED CLASS.

 Maximum Sign-Up is 20

Location:                    Emmanuel Fellowship

                             8345 Crown Point Avenue

                             Omaha, NE

                             Room 102-103                       

Start Time:       February 7, 2019   6:30pā€”9:30p 

Cost:                             $20.00 Per Person or $35.00 for Couples

                                                Cash or Checks Only 

Payment:          is due the first night and distribution of materials will be handed out at the same time. 

Sign-Up for Class at Emmanuel Fellowship

or by emailing

Dee at deejohnston1@live.com

I hope to hear from you. any questions email me. Have a wonderful day

Blessings, Dee