Why do people hurt people?

originally posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have I told you today that I love you? This is not difficult to do but most of us are either to busy or just take it for granted that love is unspoken and you should already know it. It just takes a couple of minutes to say something uplifting to another person and in return we become more blessed than those we are wanting to bless with our words or actions. Here are some words for thought:.

I often reflect on the amazing power of words. Used correctly, they lift us up and make us soar to unbelievable heights but when words are used against us, and used in anger to hurt, they have incredible power to harm and to destroy. Quote: Shireen Bonegio

Words can be just as damaging to the human spirit as physical abuse is to the body. There is nothing more damaging than the misuse of words that are directed toward another human being. Strong words obviously hurt us when they are directed at us in anger and remorse. But the unspoken word can be just as hurtful and in many ways more damaging than a hurtful one.

Why? because the unspoken word targets the very core of our true identity (who we really are). That place within us that speaks to us about our worth and value. The unspoken word leaves us wondering and trying to figure out why others don’t love us or why they don’t want to be with us.

Harsh words cause us to want to retaliate with the one who is being cruel, where the unspoken word is held inside and destroys from the inside out! Harsh painful words can linger within a person’s heart, soul and mind for a long time and never be resolved unless talked about and dealt with. It is true that when we are in pain we hurt others around. It is unavoidable! Hurting people hurt people. So what is the answer? Forgive quickly and love always.

 Love to all