Broken hearts...A place of Victory or Disaster

originally posted Friday, August 5, 2011

All of us experience difficult times, that is a given. we are not going to get through this life without hard times. But the question is; do hard times make you stronger or do they leave you with hopelessness and despair?

When Jesus died on the cross that seemed to be a disaster. When Jesus called his disciples they ended us watching their Lord be put to death leaving them with broken hearts. Jesus Christ's life was an absolute failure in the eyes of man, but not to God because he had a purpose in mind.

These events in and of themselves are terrible, but God has a higher purpose for the troubles we encounter.

If we are in communion with God, we come to recognize that what we experience in life has a bigger purpose than what we see at the moment. Our trials and sufferings are meant to lead us to the peace of God not to further disaster.

We can let our troubles keep us in a state of despair or we can choose to see God in them and surrender them to him. As we do that,His peace fills our heart and soul. As we let go of our striving to understand why things happen the way they do,rather, let us look to God and let him fulfill his purpose in and through it for our good.

Be encouraged today, God is closer than you think and He has a higher purpose for you and your life. surrender it all to Him and watch him work on your behalf.

May the joy of Lord be your strength